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Success Stories


$395,000 Wage & Hour Settlement

In a suit against a New York City restaurant, the Michael P. Pappas Law Firm obtained a settlement of $395,000 on behalf of five former employees who were unlawfully denied minimum wage, overtime, and tips. The firm has extensive experience prosecuting and defending wage and hour lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the New York Labor Law, and other statutes.


$500,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement

The Michael P.  Pappas Law Firm helped a sexual harassment victim obtain a settlement of $500,000, without having to file a lawsuit. Overall, our firm has obtained significant compensation for women who have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.


$399,000 Whisteblower Settlement

The Michael P. Pappas Law Firm obtained a $399,000 pre-litigation settlement on behalf of an executive who was fired after complaining about his employer's unethical business practices, in violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other laws. We have helped numerous whistleblowers obtain compensation for retaliatory actions by their employers.


Wage & Hour


"I hired Mr. Pappas for my wages and tips case against my former employer. I worked for the company for 10+ yrs. I had no idea that I was being paid incorrectly and unfairly until a coworker read a similar case in an article. I researched and called Mr. Pappas for legal advice. He was friendly, polite, and heard my case start to finish. He told me indeed I was being underpaid and that I'm owed all lost wages+tips going back up to 6 years (NY state law). At the end I was able to recover my wages, tips, plus another $10,000 in fines. I was surprised how much I was able to receive even after I left my job...one thing that stood out was he always answered my emails and calls (which was a HUGE deal!) I highly recommend Mr. Pappas, 5 stars all the way."



"Mr. Pappas helped me with my sex discrimination case against a restaurant in NYC. This was my first lawsuit so I was nervous but Mr. Pappas walked me through the legal process, what my options are, and which steps to take in order to achieve the best outcome. I gave him the information he needed and he handled everything else. It was totally stressless for me. I was able to get a good settlement and now can move on with my life. Mr. Pappas was very professional and straight to the point. I appreciate his help and have already recommended my friends to him. Thank you."

Trade Secret/Non-Compete


"Mike took over my case when I had completely lost confidence in my prior counsel. From the moment I first met Mike, I knew I had made the right choice. Mike is extremely knowledgeable, tenacious, unflappable and reasonable. Mike was thoughtful in his approach to the litigation and worked to obtain the most favorable outcome for me while remaining extremely mindful of the impact of the litigation on my small business. He is kind, gracious and sophisticated and was, overall, an absolute pleasure to work with. I will continue to use Mike in the future whenever the need arises and I encourage others to work with him as well."



"Mr. Pappas assisted me in a highly sensitive matter involving wrongful termination resulting from my uncovering potentially unethical and illegal behavior by the company. His tenaciousness and professionalism were key in securing a settlement commensurate with the circumstances, for which I am grateful."

Wage/Hour and Discrimination


"Michael Pappas is an extremely astute lawyer with a fantastic demeanor! He will work with you to ensure you get what is deserved and rightful. I fully trusted him with my sensitive law suit and knew he would do his best for the most suitable outcome. His patience, communication and attentiveness are all attributes that would make him my first choice in seeking professional help."

Employment Contract


"Michael assisted me with my contract. He was understanding of my curiosity to the language (no matter how elemental my questions were) and was clear in his explanations. I explained to him the points I wanted in writing, and he did a fantastic job getting the language in the contract. I'll certainly use him again next time!"